The Japanese Culture and Language Course 

Insider Secrets To Keep You From Looking Like An Average Sightseer

Learn how to turn your trip to Japan into an authentic experience you'll be talking about for years to come

If you have a plan to visit Japan and want to learn Japanese to communicate with locals, THIS is the best place to make your dream come true! 

After this course, you won’t be an ordinal tourist who just goes, sees, and says “wow.” You can show your understanding of Japanese culture, speak essential Japanese phrases and get the most out of your experience.

Imagine, what is like that you can order your food at a restaurant in Japanese? How much you’ll be proud of yourself if you can introduce yourself in an authentic manner? How happy you will be if you can talk to locals and they appreciate you because they are fully aware that you’ve dedicated yourself to learning Japanese language and culture. They recognize that you are NOT one of the mediocre travelers. 

I'm here to show you how.

What you learn in this course:

  •  There are 5 topics that you are likely to encounter during your Japan trip 
  •  Useful cultural tips are explained so that you can understand the Japanese way of thinking. 
  •  You also learn the common mistakes many tourists make and how to avoid them. 
  •  Practical phrases and words are shown so you can memorize them. 
  •  I show you how to pronounce each phrase and word so you can pronounce correctly.  
  •  You get all the learning materials in our online classroom so you can work through at your own pace, anywhere and anytime you like. 

The course curriculum

Module 1: Introducing yourself

You will learn: 

  • How to bow and what you should not do when you bow 
  • Why it is important to handle someone’s business card with extra care 
  • How to introduce yourself 
  • Some country names 

Module 2: Ordering Foods and Drinks

You will learn: 

  • How to show your appreciation to high-quality customer service 
  • How to say if you want food to go. 
  • Foods and Drinks words 
  • How to mention if you don’t want to eat some kinds of food 
  • How to tell if you have a food allergy 
  • Smoking area / non-smoking area 

Module 3: Using Public Transportation

You will learn: 

  • What will happen when you get on a taxi. 
  • The common mistakes when you use a public transportation 
  • How to tell a taxi driver where you want to go 
  • Transportation words 

Module 4: Shopping

You will learn: 

  • What you will hear when you enter ANY shops in Japan (and how you should react it) 
  • What you should bring when you go for shopping 
  • When you buy milk, what you need to be careful 
  • How to ask price of an item 
  • Items words 

Module 5: Sightseeing

You will learn: 

  • What is the difference between temples and shrines 
  • What you need to be aware when you visit temples or shrines 
  • Where you need to take off your shoes 
  • When you use a toilet, what you need to do. 
  • How to ask where a place you want to go is 
  • How to ask “what is this / that?” 
  • Building words 

...And Your Bonuses

Bonus 1: Your Digital Textbook

You receive your digital textbook for your handy reference. 

This textbook includes all the contents of each module so that you can practice by yourself.

Bonus 2: Virtual Conversation Video Lessons

You get the special video tutorials to practice speaking virtually. 

How many videos do you get? Not 3, not 5, but 10 videos. They give you many opportunities to speak the phrases you’ve learned in each module and listen to what native Japanese speakers are saying (and how to do when you cannot understand them). 

After using the Virtual Conversation Video Tutorials, you will be confident to USE Japanese.

Who hosts this course?

Konnichiwa, I’m Asuka Sensei of 

I’m an award-winning psychologist and qualified Japanese teacher. I help serious Japanese learners enjoy learning and develop a deep understanding of the language and culture. I offer easy-to-understand and reliable learning materials based on my knowledge as a qualified Japanese teacher. I host an interactive and supportive Japanese learner’s community where you can share your passion for Japan

Start Your Japanese Learning Journey from Here.